Please note - Gallery Space is not currently accepting any new applications.

Here are just a few of the things you're bound to love about Gallery Space:

Quick and Easy to Use [back to top]

So you want to get your artwork online, and you want to do it quickly.  Sign up for a Gallery Space account and you could have your first pages online in minutes.
Remember the bad old days when you got your mate to make you a website, but then felt bad about asking for all those fiddly little changes?  If you haven't experienced that then you're lucky - and with Gallery Space you'll never need to.
Every Gallery Space account includes a set of intuitive admin tools to let you add new pages, edit your existing ones, restructure your menus, and upload images and other files. If you do get stuck, there is comprehensive online help and email support.
Unlike many other updateable websites, there is no limit to the number of pages you can add or how often you can update them, and once you make a change it's online instantly.

Affordable [back to top]

A standard Gallery Space subscription costs just £5 per month for a 20MB Space. 20MB is enough to display at least 200 images like this one:

450x338 pixel jpeg image at 90% quality (if you're interested)

Most artists find that 20MB is more space than they'll ever use; but if you outgrow your initial Gallery Space (for example you have a lot of video or audio to display), you can always upgrade your account to 50 or 100MB.

Whatever account type you go for, there are no credit card surcharges, VAT or any other surprises.

Professional Design [back to top]

The clean, elegant décor of your Gallery Space is designed to show off your artwork with minimal distraction. The easy-to-use navigation system means that your message will always be delivered loud and clear to all your visitors.

But if the minimalist approach doesn't do it for you, then that's no problem either. For a one-off fee we can redecorate your Space for you. Perhaps you'd like us to give it a more colourful lick of paint; or we can even create a bespoke design to your unique specification. Contact us with your requirements for a free quote.

Lots of Freebies [back to top]

Not happy with a simple online art gallery or portfolio? you can include all of the following special pages free of charge:
Guestbook - Let your visitors tell you how much they love your work!  There's also the option to get an email notification whenever someone leaves you a message
Thumbnail Galleries - If you've got a large number of images to show off, these galleries let you display lots of small images (thumbnails) on a single page.  Clicking on a thumbnail opens a new window where visitors can browse the full-size versions of these images with optional captions.

Contact Page with Email Forms - Let your visitors get in touch with you while protecting your inbox from spam.
Site Map - If your site gets more complicated, with lots of menus and submenus, you can add a Site Map page which shows the overall layout. Your visitors can then find any page on your site in a single click.

Search Engine Friendly [back to top]

Of course there's more to website design than making it look pretty. Did you know that many build-it-yourself websites, and even some professionally-designed ones, are very difficult for search engines like Google to read? This can dramatically reduce your chances of showing up in the search results. But fear not - we have made sure your Gallery Space is optimised for Search Engines like Google, so that you'll always be easy to find.

You'll also get an easily memorable web address at, which you can add to your business cards and tell to everyone you know. If you already have your own domain name, we can also arrange for this to point to your Gallery Space for a one-off setup fee.

Free Trial [back to top]

Want to see what it's like before you commit?  Why not sign up for a week's free trial?  If you're not entirely satisfied then just cancel your subscription before the first payment is due and you won't have to pay anything.