Featured Artists

Please note - Gallery Space is not currently accepting any new applications.

Here are some brief descriptions of current Gallery Space artists, along with links to their sites.  If you are a Gallery Space artist and would like to be featured on this page, please get in touch.

Philip Jones

Philip Jones "My paintings flow from three different starting points; prehistoric standing stones; the city’s streets and buildings; and, finally, patterns found in nature. In each case the process is the same; first comes discovery, then exploration, then representation and, finally, development. Although both of the last two stages are sources of finished paintings, it is the development stage that fascinates me most. It is here that the rigours of the first three stages are relaxed and where the subconscious takes over. This is the exciting bit and the one which produces what I feel to be some of my best work."

Katie Alchin


"I have a passion for Art, I love to paint using bold acrylics. I like to describe my work as still life with a contemporary edge.
I am currently painting food and drink pieces for restaurants, some of which can be seen in one of London's top Kensington restaurants and I am also into abstract art.
I didn't go to art school or get a degree and I haven't done exhibitions, my art doesn't have a hidden meaning or deep thoery behind it. My art is me, it's my talent and it's what I do."

Tamarin Norwood

cups-teeth.jpg "I use language and objects to articulate the gap between the familiar and the unknown. Informed by my training in linguistics and translation, my works close in on this gap by disrupting their own narratives – videos with mismatched subtitles; translations that don't quite reach; appropriated objects that look somehow out of place; lectures that refuse to make proper sense. I apply textual strategies of multilingualism, translation and repetition to non-textual artifacts, creating quietened or 'flattened' works that draw attention to their own artifice."

Andy Hunter

Andy Hunter

"Most of my work is a fusion of watercolour/ pasteland charcoal and all my frames are sourced locally. I'm a tabla player also and a lot of my work is created and framed and sometimes named after the piece of music that was influencing me at that moment in time. I am not artistically trained and make a point of not looking at other works to keep my influences and work original to me."

Julia Sandiford

julia.jpg "I trained as an actress at Central School of Speech and Drama and since graduating have worked mostly in theatre, at venues including the Orange Tree, Bath Theatre Royal and Oxford Playhouse.

I have a real love for the spoken word, the stories we can tell and the power of the body in space."