General Questions

Who can sign up? [back to top]

Gallery Space is available to artists working in any medium as long as it can be effectively displayed on the web.  This includes painting, sculpture, photography, textiles - even installations, video and audio can be included if you can adequately capture it onto the computer.
If you think your work may be considered pornographic, obscene or offensive by members of the general public, it would be best to get in touch before signing up, as we cannot display this kind of material.

What will my Gallery Space look like? [back to top]

Clean and simple, just like this page (but probably with more pictures!).  Like most good art  galleries, we believe that the less there is to distract the visitor from your work, the better, which is why we do not impose a garish colour scheme, complicated navigation, or any unnecessary bells and whistles.
You can choose the text and image that appear in the title bar, the contents of your menus, and of course everything that appears in the main body of each page.
Of course, the best way to find out what it'll look like is to give it a try for yourself!  Sign up here for a week's free trial and see what you think.

I want my Gallery Space to look a bit more unique. Can you help? [back to top]

Absolutely! From simple changes such as fonts and colour schemes, to an entire redesign of your Gallery Space, we can help! Please get in touch if you would like more information.

Will you put adverts on my site? [back to top]

Absolutely not.  Unlike some web hosting companies, we will never display banners, popups or anything else that will distract from your artwork.  We do, however, place a discreet link to our homepage in the footer of each page (scroll down to see what it looks like).

Can I sell my work on Gallery Space? [back to top]

While there are not yet any online payment facilities on Gallery Space, you may certainly advertise your work for sale.  Gallery Space does not take any commission on sales made through the website.

How long til my site is up and running? [back to top]

Once you have subscribed to Gallery Space, your login details will be emailed to you immediately.  Once you have logged in, you could have your first page up within minutes.  Then all that's left to do is let everyone know your new Gallery Space web address: